Summer is here. spring-summer colors May 19 2014

Days are getting longer ...

Temperatures are getting warmer ...

And our mood improving ...

Tell the world how happy are you. Dress your iPhone 5/5S with spring-summer colors.

Canary Yellow:

Canary Yellow iPhone 5 smart resin skin


Aquamarine Blue:

Aquamarine blue iPhone 5 smart skin by


Your product kept my phone safely on the trunk May 15 2014

This kind of happy customer testimonial is what makes us get up very early in the morning:

Hi, I have your product on the back of my iphone 5 and I have a quick story to tell that happened monday this week:

I was changing my rear wiper on my car in my garage next to my wifes car. I put my iphone on the top of her trunk and proceeded to fix my wiper. I left my iphone on her trunk by mistake. when I started to look for it, I noticed she had gone in her car somewhere.

"my iphone was still on her trunk and she was on a major highway going to an appointment."

She pulled off the highway, got my phone, and all was fine. Your product kept my phone safely on the trunk and did not allow it to be ruined by falling off. It's a wow moment.

 iPhone safe after being forgot on car roof


Thanks to the amazing antislip properties of resin skins. Super-sticky on glassy surfaces like mirrors, screens ... or car roofs or trunks, while non sticky to your hand contact.

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NEW Grey Bicolor smart skin collection for iPhone 5/5S March 17 2014

A new one.

We have a new collection of smart skins for your iPhone 5/5S: Sober and elegant with stick-to-glass property as always

Have a look and choose yours. Black or White?

Grey and White iphone 5 collection with stick to glass technology

Black and Grey Bicolor Smart skin for iPhone 5&5S

NEW Gold Bicolor Smart skins for iPhone 5 February 21 2014

We're presenting a new collecion. A collection featuring metallic gold combined with white or black for your iPhone 5 or your iPhone 5S.

Style and smart features for your iPhone.

Gold Black iPhone5 skin collection

Gold White Smart Resin skin New Collection

Tartan is the hottest trend this season January 30 2014

Tartan is the hottest trend this season, so brings to you the hottest tartan design on the famous smart resin skins collection for iPhone 5 and for iPhone 5S.

Check out fresh, recent photos from our early production.

They'll blow your mind:

Tartan iPhone 5 smart skins from uguardme

Red tartan for iPhone 5 smart skin

Free Shipping? Okay, here you have January 15 2014

Lots of you have asked us for free shipping, but apart from certain campaigns, it was impossible for us. We produce a high quality product in Barcelona and our margins are not enough to offer free shipping.

But at the same time, we realized some of you were buying in groups, so we made our numbers, and here you have the solution: now offer FREE postal shipping for orders above 33€

We offer FREE international postal shipping on orders above €33.

So, tell your friend, tell your aunt or your mummy, if your buy at for 33 euros or above, we can offer free postal shipping. If you're in a hurry, you can still select express shipping.

Thanks friends

Prototyping some cool tartan, gold and champagne iPhone5 Smart Resin skins December 19 2013

We've working hard lately at our design centre and factory at Barcelona, and we finally have definitive prototypes of some pretty cool Smart Resin skins for iPhone5 that will be launched early january.

Have a look and send us your comments at facebook and/or twitter

Detail of champagne/gold iPhone5 Smart Resin skin:

Detail of champagne iPhone5 Smart Resin skin

Detail of dark gold iPhone5 Smart Resin skin:

Detail of gold iPhone5 Smart Resin skin

Champagne Smart resin skin for iPhone5:

Champagne Smart resin skin for iPhone5

Detail of Smart Resin skin in Dark Gold color:

Detail of Smart Resin skin in Gold color

Red tartan Smart Resin skin for iPhone5:

Red tartan Smart Resin skin for iPhone5

Smart Resin skin on tartan colors:

Smart Resin skin on tartan colors


Featured at Antena3 TV online magazine October 28 2013

Our Smart resin skins, and their incredible properties and beauty have been published at Antena 3 TV online magazine tecnoxplora. was listed as an innovative solution together with other prestigious brands as Jawbone and Logitech.
The article is in spanish, and you can read it by clicking on the image below:

Add smart features to your iPhone 5S September 26 2013

Have an iPhone 5S?
Our Smart resin skins fit perfectly both iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. So if you need anti-scratch protection with no bulk, cool colors, and smart features as auto-repair ability and super antislip properties, don't look any further.

We're launching USA August 02 2013

Hello world.

Today is great day for the family, as we're launching officially USA, headquartered in Miami, Florida to manage USA and Latin America.

Pay a visit to them clicking on the photo:


And follow them in facebook and twitter

Today's iPhone test our iPad Mini Smart skins July 08 2013

Our innovative Smart skins for the iPad Mini, have been covered by Today's iPhone

Today's iPhone: "Smart Resin Skin, as a moniker, implies some sort of amazing ability to connect to the internet somehow, or make use of your iPad’s magnets. It does neither of those, but it does deserve its title. The resin used to make the skin is self-healing and incredibly grippy. Any light scratches on the surface will disappear within minutes, and the tacky nature of the surface ensures that your iPad won’t slip off any surface, even if that surface happens to be completely vertical."

Click on the photo below to read (and watch) the full analysis:

iPad Mini Smart skins launch June 06 2013 iPad Mini Smart Skins are HERE for you.

Have a look at some photos:


iPad Mini holding on the screen of a Macbook Pro thanks to the super antislip abilities


The Green Fluor Smart skin is beautiful



The more business, do it all, black smart skin for the iPad Mini


Detail of the surface quality of products


iPad Mini Smart skins to be launched later this week June 03 2013

Stay tuned to our web, and reserve yours by sending us an email


Launch of the smart resin skins for Samsung Galaxy S III. Photos May 24 2013

Here you have some beautiful photos of the Galaxy S3 smart resin skins:

Detail pic of the metallic particles


Galaxy SIII black resin skin on a Wired mag


Galaxy SIII white resin skin holding on our support

Galaxy SIII red resin skin on a couch


Galaxy SIII black resin skin on our floating holder


Super antislip properties of our resin


Detail pic Galaxy SIII red resin skin

The iPhone that turns into an iPad, reviews iSpazio May 08 2013

iSpazio, the leading portal on Apple related news in Italy, just recently reviewed our NEW Aluminium holder, and they loved it.

On their review, that you can read in full (in italian) they say that the holder, allows your little iPhone to look and work as a mini iMac, a comment we, and their reader loved.

Overall the impression from the product test was superb, and that makes us very happy and keeps us pushing on innovation and product development.

NEW Product launch: Bicolor Limited Edition Smart resin skin for iPhone 5 April 24 2013

In the month of our 1st anniversary, we're full throttle with product launches, and we're presenting the brand NEW: Bicolor Limited Edition Smart resin skin guard for the back of your iPhone 5, with an added crystal clear screen protector for the front. 

As the name indicates is a Limited Edition, only for the iPhone 5, bicolored, to match the back of the iPhone 5, and without the frontal resin parts, but adding a high quality crystal clear screen protection.


Avoid bulky and ugly covers and cases, and add style and functionalities to your iPhone5, with our recent product launch.

As always, everything is designed, and manufactured in Barcelona for those looking for anti-scratch protection, personalization and smart features for their iPhone 5 without ruining the industrial design.

Floating Universal mobile device holder April 18 2013

We're celebrating our first anniversary, and we're launching a brand new product we'be been developing since last summer: our Floating Universal mobile device aluminium holder.



Floating, because, thanks to our exclusive resin pads (Read more about the sticky properties), you can hold on a floating position your mobile device. The super anti-slip ability of our resin works best with glass-like surfaces as for example iPhone 4/4S back or Galaxy S back. For mobile devices wits porous surfaces as for example iPhone 5, we recommend pairing the product with one of our Smart Resin skins for the iPhone 5 



We're also adding a resin pad at the bottom so the holder won't slide on the table when typing on your device.

Universal, because it works with any device we tested so far. Obviously, due to size and weight reasons, tables as the iPad won't hold on a floating position, you must support it at the holder base, where a strip of resin has been placed to avoid the tablet to slide off.



Aluminium, well, do you suspect why?. Yes, it's made of solid bended aluminium.



We can't ship it by Postal Service, so only Express Service by UPS is available and for a limited list of countries.

As always with our products, it's designed, developed and crafted enterely in Barcelona. It allows for an ideal viewing angle as well as facilitating charging cable management. We always use top-quality, durable and anti-UV materials, that at the same time allow you for an easy application and removal, without leaving sticky residues.



Look for the Trademark April 11 2013

We're getting old, almost 1 year in the market, and as a succesful iniative some copycats have appeared in the market.

We're now officially, after a long bureocrathic period, registered Trademark, so if you look for quality and innovation, from now on, look for our Trademarked logo:

Fluor and neon colors are coming back again on spring/summer 2013 March 12 2013

Spring is almost here and summer will follow much faster than you think, and know what?. Fluo and neon colors are coming back stronger than ever:


Get ready and prepare your iPhone or iPad with the fashion colors:


Orange Fluo Smart Resin skin for the iPhone 5

Pink Fluo Smart Resin skin for the iPhone 4

Green Fluo Smart Resin skin for the iPad

Coming soon March 04 2013

Coming soon ... a great product is coming: 


Optimum viewing and working angle ...

Solid aluminium construction ...

Floating device holder ...

Cable management ...

Compatible with almost any mobile device ...


The stand/cradle/holder for mobile devices is coming ... stay tuned:

Smart Resin skin for the Samsung Galaxy S III March 01 2013

We finished the prototyping and testing time for the Smart Resin skins for the Samsung Galaxy S III. 

Have a look at the amazing look of this red back smart resin skin:


You'll soon be able to take advantage of our cool, no-bulk smart skins with the amazing features as ever for your Samsung Galaxy SIII:

  • Auto-repair ability of small scratches
  • Super anti-slip properties


Maybe you can help us decide which colors to produce:


  1. Go to our Facebook Page
  2. Like us
  3. Tell us which colors would you like for your Smart Resin skins for the Galaxy SIII


and we'll give you a discount code for your next shopping at

We're on Google Plus February 28 2013

From this week, we opened our Google + Official Page.

Join us products at Cooked in Barcelona January 31 2013

If you are in Barcelona, or visit, the city, you can have a look at Cooked in Barcelona store at L'Illa Diagonal, where you can touch, feel and shop products.



We're more than proud, we're happy to have our products there, because we share most od the same values:


Barcelona ... Design ... Style ... Innovation

iMore reviews our Smart resin skins January 18 2013

Our Smart Resin skins for iPhone and iPad have been reviewed by iMore:

iMore: "resin-based skins for your iPhone and iPad that provide some protection from scratches and scrapes, but an incredible amount of grip to keep your device from falling or sliding in the first place. In fact,'s smart resin skins will stick to many everyday surfaces, including glassy, porous ones ... is a great product. It's simple, easy to use, looks good, and makes your iPhone or iPad damn near un-slippable. If you've ever had your device slide off a table and go crashing to the floor, or slide from your fingers and careen to the sidewalk or driveway, you'll know exactly what I mean"

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