Your product kept my phone safely on the trunk May 15 2014

This kind of happy customer testimonial is what makes us get up very early in the morning:

Hi, I have your product on the back of my iphone 5 and I have a quick story to tell that happened monday this week:

I was changing my rear wiper on my car in my garage next to my wifes car. I put my iphone on the top of her trunk and proceeded to fix my wiper. I left my iphone on her trunk by mistake. when I started to look for it, I noticed she had gone in her car somewhere.

"my iphone was still on her trunk and she was on a major highway going to an appointment."

She pulled off the highway, got my phone, and all was fine. Your product kept my phone safely on the trunk and did not allow it to be ruined by falling off. It's a wow moment.

 iPhone safe after being forgot on car roof


Thanks to the amazing antislip properties of resin skins. Super-sticky on glassy surfaces like mirrors, screens ... or car roofs or trunks, while non sticky to your hand contact.

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