From Barcelona to the whole world April 23 2012

We design, develop and manufacture from Barcelona to the whole world.

Why from Barcelona?. Well, because we're from Barcelona, and we love Barcelona. But what if we weren't born in Barcelona?. We think we would establish in Barcelona anyway: design, creativity, innovation, talent, passion, hardwork, sea, mountains, nightlife ... what else?

These are the 10 reasons for investing in Barcelona

A Privileged Location

Barcelona is the gateway to southern Europe, the centre of an emerging economic Euroregion, capital of the Mediterranean area, a bridge to North Africa and a linking platform to Latin America.

Accessible and Connected to Other Countries

With the best airport in Europe just 15 minutes from the centre of Barcelona, a seaport in expansion (the leading port in the Mediterranean) and overland connections by rail and the network of international motorways.

Motor of a Large, Dynamic and Diverse Economic Area

Leading a large economic area, where all sectors have considerable weight. With a long industrial tradition and a strong entrepreneurial fabric, Barcelona is committed to a knowledge-intensive economy and activities, especially advanced services and new economic activities.

Successful Foreign Investment

With companies from all over the world, Catalonia receives approximately 25% of annual foreign investment in Spain. The Barcelona area concentrates more than 3300 of the foreign companies established in Catalonia - almost 90%.

Big Future Projects

Committed to constant improvement and future projects. Barcelona is currently undergoing the biggest transformation in its history with important public investment and major opportunities for private initiative.

National and International Human Capital

Barcelona, European capital of business schools at the service of enterprise. Barcelona has the best European business schools and a first-rate international selection of universities, which facilitates the creation and attraction of talent. Studying in Barcelona is a guarantee of success.

Extensive Real Estate Supply

Barcelona, full of real-estate investment opportunities. Barcelona has a wide range of offices, commercial premises and industrial buildings available at very competitive prices and the highest quality standards.

Public-Private Cooperation

With the support of the institutions. The Barcelona model, which is increasingly recognized internationally, has developed thanks to the fact that public and private actors are perfectly in tune with one another.

Excellent Quality of Life

The best quality of life in Europe. Barcelona is the European city with the best quality of life for its workers. A city that, as well as a pleasant climate with sun and sand all year round, has a wonderful selection of cultural and commercial options, a modern health care system accessible by all, safe and efficient public transport, a Mediterranean lifestyle and an urban environment with its own special character.

Recognized Worldwide Prestige

Different independent international studies and comparisons choose Barcelona.