at your car May 15 2012

One of the biggest innovations from is our resin material and it's anti-slip ability.

This anti-slip and even sticking property of the resin skin guard to glassy surfaces, makes it very attractive, and makes it easy to use your mobile device as GPS in you car.

Have a look at the examples below:

Hold your iPhone to the dashboard of your car.

Hold your iPhone to the central console of your car (be careful with the bumps)

A closer look

Even at the rear view mirror, but only for a moment.

Even you can stick it to the emblem of the steering wheel of your car

As you can see, our resin skin guards, make you easy to hold your mobile device to any glass-like surface, but we're working on a new product that would allow you to take advantage of the incredible properties of resin skin guards even if you don't have any suitable surface at your car.

For us is very important to let allow you to easily remove your without leaving a sticky residue, so we recommend to avoid leaving your mobile device protected with inside your car on similar places where temperatures get higher than 40ºC/50ºC as this can cause the adhesive to melt down temporarily. 

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