About uguard.me "sticky" property May 01 2012

Our resin material has some really interesting benefits, being sticky to glassy surfaces one of note. As we have read some uninformed reports about it at some sites, we'll explain you more about it.

Sticky to what?

Our resin material has anti-slip properties. The more non-porous and clean the surface, the more anti-slip, even allowing you to hold for a moment your mobile device to a glassy surface: Mac screen, window, mirror, etc ...
And NO, it's not sticky to your hand or clothes, so don't worry about annoying you.
And we're sorry, it neither sticks to a plastic computer screen.

How much sticky?

It depends mainly on the surface porosity, cleanliness, applying pressure and temperature. So it will vary from just anti-slip on horizontal surfaces to holding on a gently inclined glassy surface to a full vertical glassy surface.

How much time sticky?

Again it depends mainly on the surface porosity, cleanliness, applying pressure and temperature, and to the surface inclination. It can vary from seconds to minutes, so be careful.

So, how to proceed?

1. Be sure both your uguard.me resin and the glassy surface are perfectly clean and dry. If not, clean and dry.
2. Then apply a gentle pressure to "stick" your mobile device to your desired glassy surface.
3. Be sure you mobile device is securely sticked before leaving it.
4. Use it, and remember it will hold for a moment, not hours or more, so be very careful.

How to clean uguard.me resin?

If it gets dirty over time, as any guard, with the main difference that it won't never get dirty inside, clean it using a damp cloth. You can use some soap if you want, but please, do not use alcohol or similar.