Avoid bulky cases June 19 2012

During the development and validation of uguard.me, we took several surveys and realized that 30% of the users of mobile devices don't protect their device:

And know why?. Is it because they don't value their mobile device?. Absolutely not.

When we asked: Why don't you use a case or cover to protect your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or smartphones and tablets in general), between the all the possible answers, the most common was: "I love the design of my device, and don't want to ruin it":

And that's one of the main values of uguard.me, to protect your mobile device without ruining it. Of course, we won't protect your mobile device if it slips from your desk to ground, but:
  1. We can reduce the odds of your mobile device sliding from your desk to ground thanks to material technology, and more specifically to our resin material
  2. We want to offer protection with style. That's the origin of our mantra: "Guard your mobile device in style"
So the question regarding the value of offering protection as an alternative to big, bulky and ugly covers and cases that alter the beautiful industrial design of our mobile devices, the answer was quite overwhelming:

Avoid bulky cases and covers that ruin your mobile device: