reloaded September 07 2012

We launched at the end of april using Lean Product Development techniques: working on the business model, on the value proposition, discovering the customer, redefining the model, validating it, pivoting and launching the MVP with great success.

Our MVP were the skin guards for the iPhone 4/4S in 4 different materials, including our "magical" resin material with lots of benefits for the customer.

We had, of course, some problems, as dealing with a very slow US postal service, and with a defective production batch that affected some of our customers. But we reacted fast, improving the delivery options, reshipping not received orders, and replacing defective products, and our customers, you, reacted showing us your support.

We want to be a GREAT company, not a big one, and we're in the right track, because our customers are GREAT.

We learned a lot from those problems, and we received a lot of feedback from our customers, enough to reload

And the reload starts with two new products:

And we're already preparing new products. Very cool products (including hardware and universal anti-slip products). Stay tuned, because today starts the real