Sticker technology is rocket science September 20 2012

It's normal, I understand, I thought the same when I was not in this business: "Stickers are a simple and easy product" you must think.

It may be true if what you have to do is promotional cheap stickers, but with a technical product as, I assure you the complexity is very, very high, and mixes engineering, chemistry, physics and craftmanship.

A product like for mobile devices, has a long list of demanding technical requirements:
  • dimensional stability
  • flatness
  • high-temperature adhesiveness
  • adhesiveness at low temperatures
  • reduced thickness
  • stability to moisture changes
  • color stability
So you end up with a product (without packaging) consisting on more than a dozen layers of different components and processes. Add the packaging and you end up with the double.

But it pays to end up with a product with the benefits of our resin skin guards. Enjoy.

Next time you find an adhesive technical product ask about the requirements it mets, and remember: "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys"