Resin skin guard for the iPad launched September 10 2012

After the amazing success of our initial product launch for the iPhone 4/4S some months ago, we’re applying the same incredible material, and much improved production techniques to the iPad.

Your iPad is a beautiful piece of art, as well as the smart cover is, but the back of your device gets scratched easily, so we developed our new iPad skin guards with the following main objectives in mind:

  • Protect from scratches the back of your iPad while being able to keep using the smart cover.
  • Add a powerful anti-slip functionality to avoid accidental falls from your desk, hands, you name it.
  • Offer an an alternative to bulky cases to bulky cases that alter the industrial design of your device

We launch using our exclusive resin material which offers superior scratch protection, nice touch&feel, and a powerful anti-slip ability. You can even hold for a moment your device onyour Mac screen or similar glass surface.

And we developed everything to fit your iPad 1, iPad 2 or the 3rd generation iPad 3. Available in 10 different cool colors and at 23.9 euros wordwide.

Have a look at this video, but remember. Don't do this at home: