The perfect match for the smart cover September 13 2012

If you have an iPad, and if you like the industrial design and the beauty of its lines, it's more than probable that you don't ruin it with bulky and ugly covers and cases, right?.

And probably you're using the smart cover from Apple, a smart, non intrusive official cover.

But what happens with the back of your iPad? Are you happy when you scratch it?. Probably not.

This is why we developed the iPad resin back skins: to protect the back of your iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3 (or 3rd generation iPad) from scratches, to be able to give it some color, as a perfect complement with the smart cover or not, and adding the powerful anti-slip property of our resin material.

Our resin material has such a powerful anti-slip property, that on the right conditions you can even hold it on a glassy like-surface, as this video from our youtube channel shows.

Check it out: