Launching the Universal Anti-slip pad for mobile devices October 05 2012 is proud to announce the imminent launch of it's third product on the market, the Universal Anti-Alip pad for mobile devices.

As you know, our resin material has a powerful anti-slip property that offer you the possibility to hold softly and without the need of any hardware your mobile device at your car ... or everywhere else.

The Universal Antislip gets fixed to your car or everywhere else by a gentle non-agressive adhesive, and has the shape of a drop. The drop in our logo. The general measures are 6cm (2.4") wide and 8.5cm (3.3") tall and we currently produce it in black color.

The Universal Anti-slip works better when paired with a resin skin, but if your mobile device has a clean, smooth non-textured surface it will work great. Have a look at the video above.

We also recommend to not exceed 60º inclination, but as you can see at the pics the anti-slip property is very powerful. We have tested it for a long time and o very different conditions. If over time, the Universal anti slip loses some anti-slip power, just clean both the pad and your device gently with a damp cloth and it will work properly again.

We always use top-quality, durable and anti-UV materials, that at the same time allow you for an easy application and removal, without leaving sticky residues.