What the media is saying about our smart resin skins for the iPhone November 07 2012

Our innovative smart resin skins for the iPhone have been widely covered in the media since it's launch. Have a look:

iMore: "resin-based skins for your iPhone and iPad that provide some protection from scratches and scrapes, but an incredible amount of grip to keep your device from falling or sliding in the first place. In fact, Uguard.me's smart resin skins will stick to many everyday surfaces, including glassy, porous ones ... Uguard.me is a great product. It's simple, easy to use, looks good, and makes your iPhone or iPad damn near un-slippable. If you've ever had your device slide off a table and go crashing to the floor, or slide from your fingers and careen to the sidewalk or driveway, you'll know exactly what I mean"

Today's iPhone: "Firstly, the design is simple, clean and it works ... Sure, it doesn’t wow or excite, but I love how it blends in to the phone without adding any major bulk. There were two specific features that transported me to nerdvana and excited me in the same way that I got excited the first time I tried popping candy when I was a kid. Firstly: this thing is stupidly grippy. So much so, it baffled me ... Secondly – it heals itself. You read that right." Overall 8/10



Italiamac (italian): "... lancia sul mercato una serie di prodotti dedicati alla protezione degli iDevices dal design semplice e originale e dalle funzionalità sorprendenti ... Eppure la custodia non si limita a proteggere il devices ma, in un certo senso, si autoprotegge, tant’è  che i  solchi che, a causa degli urti, si imprimono nella cover si riassorbono magicamente, come si può vedere in questo video ... Grazie al materiale di cui è composta è possibile applicare la custodia e, quindi, l’iPhone/iPad stesso  su una superficie liscia  per guardare un filmato o per giocare in tutta comodità, senza correre il rischio che il dispositivo si sganci"



Cool Material: "Dust, dirt and scratch protection are the obvious benefits, but the coolest aspect of these cases is their ability to stick to “glass-like” services for small periods of time. Facetime ON your iMac. Watch a movie ON your train window. Microwave dinner while looking at Instagrams of other people’s dinners. You get the idea"

Thrillist: "Keep your iPhone protected with an ultra-thin, colorful "guard" in one of four materials, from a high-impact/abrasion-resistant "lenticular PVC", to "resin" that securely sticks to non-porous surfaces like "your bathroom mirror" or car window, particularly convenient for bracing the wheel with both hands while careening off the road due to watching YouTube while driving. Which itself would make an awesome YouTube video"
Gizmodo: "Uguard.me's adhesive skins provide a more svelte alternative to bulky cases for protecting your phone. But they're also made with a special resin material that's slightly sticky to the touch. So they provide a bit of extra grip in the hand, and will actually stick to a smooth surface like a window"
Applesfera (Spanish): "Pero si que ofrece protección para amortiguar posibles caídas, la resina se recupera de pequeñas muescas que se puedan realizar durante una caída. Al intentar retirarla, le hice una pequeña muesca con la uña y se recuperó sola ...El modelo que hemos probado, el de resina, tiene la peculiaridad de que se adhiere a cualquier cristal, por lo que podremos colocarlo en una ventana o en el monitor sin que el teléfono se caiga, bien colocado cuesta incluso quitarlo, la verdad."
iPhone Italia (italian): "Il case può essere utilizzato anche per scattare foto mentre si è in auto, magari collegandolo al vetro laterale, e in qualsiasi altra circostanza possa servirvi (sul microonde mentre state preparando una ricetta da leggere su iPhone?)"