Floating Universal mobile device holder April 18 2013

We're celebrating our first anniversary, and we're launching a brand new product we'be been developing since last summer: our Floating Universal mobile device aluminium holder.



Floating, because, thanks to our exclusive resin pads (Read more about the sticky properties), you can hold on a floating position your mobile device. The super anti-slip ability of our resin works best with glass-like surfaces as for example iPhone 4/4S back or Galaxy S back. For mobile devices wits porous surfaces as for example iPhone 5, we recommend pairing the product with one of our Smart Resin skins for the iPhone 5 



We're also adding a resin pad at the bottom so the holder won't slide on the table when typing on your device.

Universal, because it works with any device we tested so far. Obviously, due to size and weight reasons, tables as the iPad won't hold on a floating position, you must support it at the holder base, where a strip of resin has been placed to avoid the tablet to slide off.



Aluminium, well, do you suspect why?. Yes, it's made of solid bended aluminium.



We can't ship it by Postal Service, so only Express Service by UPS is available and for a limited list of countries.

As always with our products, it's designed, developed and crafted enterely in Barcelona. It allows for an ideal viewing angle as well as facilitating charging cable management. We always use top-quality, durable and anti-UV materials, that at the same time allow you for an easy application and removal, without leaving sticky residues.