About Us

Uguard.me designs, makes and sells innovative mobile device accessories. From Barcelona to the whole world.

Uguard.me is a spin-off project from “Unitransfer Marking Systems” and “337labs”. We design, develop and manufacture all our products. The story started when one day, one of us decided to protect from scratches the investment he made on a brand new (very famous) mobile device. We were all so impressed with the protection we designed, and had such a wonderful feedback from friends, that we decided to start engineering and designing new ones with added features, and benefits for the user.

Uguard.me was born, and our mantra defined: “Guard your mobile device in style”.

Our parent industrial company, supplies with high-tech stickers, vinyls and anything adhesive, you name it, to some of the best companies in the automotive, biking, and gliding industries, so, don’t worry, we will fully reach your quality expectations as we do for our industrial customers.

We do not have a traditional storefront. All browsing and ordering can be conducted online at our website.

The website is open for ordering 24/7, 365 days a year. We are generally at our desks M-F 9-5pm, except holidays.

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