“Guard your mobile device in style”




  • Scratch protection
  • Personalization
  • Grip
  • No bulk
  • Easy on / easy off
  • Compatible with other cases/accesories
  • Top quality materials
  • Made in Barcelona

Materials benefit chart:



Benefits table


Scratch protection:

Do not worry about wearing or scratching your device.

Extend the life of your mobile device.

Hide your already scratched device.



Your style. Guard your mobile device in style. Your style, not others style.



Increased grip and anti-slip. Prevent it from sliding from your hands to ground.

Specially for our resin material that has a anti-slip and even a stick-to-glass capability. You can hold your device onto your Mac screen or similar glass surface to easily takes notes with both hands. Read more here.


No bulk:

An alternative to big, bulky and ugly cases and covers.

Do not alter the industrial design of your mobile device.


Easy on/off:

Easy to apply. No skill required.

Easy to remove. No sticky residues left. (*)


Compatible with most cases and accessories.


Top quality:

Durable, anti-UV, top quality resins, PVCs and vinyls.


Made in Barcelona:

This is not only "innovation from Barcelona" bla, bla, bla. We design, make and sell from Barcelona to the whole world.



(*) For us is very important to let allow you to easily remove your without leaving a sticky residue, so we recommend to avoid leaving your mobile device protected with inside your car on similar places where temperatures get higher than 40ºC/50ºC as this can cause the adhesive to melt down temporarily.

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