Smart skins for smart devices

At we design, develop and make innovative Smart resin skins for mobile devicesOur exclusive resin material offers superior scratch protection, nice touch&feel, personalization and smart features, as auto-repair of small scratches and super anti-slip abilityRead more about the sticky properties

We offer, economic and express shipping worldwide, a strong warranty policy, and have thousands of happy customers, and the media covered us deeply, so why don't you joins us?

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Some Testimonials:

"Great product, I did buy it thinking about my smartphone, but finally it is the best deck station for my GPS, instead of using the front screen now I see it in a much better way!.Congratulations from Madrid"

"I received two products because the first shipment was not made by courier. after their apologies, they have sent a free product! great service!"

"From the first click on its Website until the use of the product all the process was straightforward"


Why we call them "Smart Skins"?. Because our unique material and production process, allows us to incorporate two "magical" or smart features to the skins:

  1. Auto repair of small scratches. Yes. when a smart skin, gets scratched, the material heals by itself closing the scratch and coming back to it's glossy look&feel.
  2. Super anti-slip properties. Our resin smart skins have super powerful stick to glass property, without being sticky at all to your contact or to debris. You can even hold your phone on the screen of your mac or similar glassy, non-porous surfaces:

Above smart features, smart skins, provide no bulk, personalization and are ... beautiful and a perfect complement:

Smart resin gel skins for iPhone 5

stick to glass capability for iPhone

We define the installation process, as fool-proof. A kid's game. Easy for you.

Why adhesive skins?. Adhesive technology it's a very robust solution, used in automotive and spacecraft industry, from which we took our adhesives:

And we also apply our technology to two innovative products:

Universal anti slip for mobile devices

Universal aluminium holder for mobile devices 

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