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Angelos, Greece. Universal Antislip
"I gave the Uguard anti-slip a little time of testing before I get back to you and since now, I am 100% satisfied with my purchase! It sticks perfectly on my car dashboard and it keeps the mobile phone in vertical position, no matter how much time the journey lasts or how many bumps the car has on the road. What I found particularly useful was the fact that by holding it in vertical position, it has turned my mobile phone to a perfect GPS navigator (using Google maps) and it facilitated the overall use of the phone while driving. I would definitely recommend it to other potential consumers and I must say that it has already made a lot of impressions! Thank you for the excellent service of your company!"
Iñigo, Spain. Universal Antislip
"Great product, I did buy it thinking about my smartphone, but finally it is the best deck station for my GPS, instead of using the front screen now I see it in a much better way!.Congratulations from Madrid"
Alessandro, Italy. Smart resin for iPad
"I received two products because the first shipment was not made by courier. after their apologies, they have sent a free product! great service!"
Rafa, Spain. Smart resin for iPad
"From the first click on its Website until the use of the product all the process was straightforward"
Joan, Spain. Smart resin for iPad and for iPhone
"Everything have been easy but shipping delate. Perhaps it has been a punctual problem. Next time I will have more information."
Jack, USA. Smart resin skin for iPhone
"I origianlly got the Electric Green Cover the sticks to windows VERY COOL except is melted off. You guys were cool enough to send me a replacement but it was boring black... I appreciate the offer just kinda bummed."
Miguel, Spain. Smart resin skin for iPhone
"Great Customer support. Once I informed Uguard.me about some issues with my product, they replaced it free of charge. New one looks better than the old one. Lifetime of the adhesive seems to be really improved. Gracias. Thank you!"
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