Smart resin skin for iPad 1,2,3&4, fluor colors

€24 EUR

Smart resin skin guard for the back of your iPad. iPad 1 to 4, in fluor colors. Choose your color

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Our exclusive resin material offers superior scratch protection, nice touch&feel, personalization and smart features, as auto-repair of small scratches and super anti-slip abilityRead more about the sticky properties

Designed, and manufactured in Barcelona for those looking for anti-scratch protection, customization and smart features for their iPad without ruining the industrial design adding bulky and ugly covers and cases. The perfect match for the smart cover

Read what the media is saying about us, and what our customers are saying about us.

We always use top-quality, durable and anti-UV materials, that at the same time allow you for an easy application and removal, without leaving sitcky residues.

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